Section 45-25-242.12

Disposition of proceeds.

Proceeds from the gasoline excise tax shall be distributed and used as follows:

(1) The first one hundred fifteen thousand dollars ($115,000) annually shall be transferred to the County General Road Department Fund, for use as defined in Sections 40-17-5, 40-17-76, 40-17-77, 40-17-78, 40-17-79, and 40-17-80, and, to further allow expenditures for purposes which may not specifically be defined, but to relate to the construction, rehabilitation, maintenance of the roads, equipment, or personnel to accomplish the same within DeKalb County.

(2) The next ten thousand dollars ($10,000) shall be used for appropriation toward educating and training developmentally disabled adults in the county through contract or other appropriation to an agency or agencies providing the education and training.

(3) The balance of the funds derived from the gasoline excise tax shall be used for appropriation by the county commission or any other person or persons so designated by the commission or by law to draw warrants on county funds to the DeKalb County Board of Education, and is to be distributed by the DeKalb County Board of Education within DeKalb County, Alabama, on the same basis as funds are distributed from the minimum program funds received by DeKalb County from the State of Alabama, and shall be distributed to the several school systems in DeKalb County in accordance with the minimum programs funds formula.

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