Section 45-7-82.30

Pretrial diversion program fund.

The district attorney shall establish a pretrial diversion program fund. The district attorney shall use the funds to pay costs associated with the administration of the pretrial diversion program, to pay those things earlier provided for in this subpart, or for other law enforcement or criminal prosecution purposes. Costs associated with program administration shall include, but shall not be limited to, salaries, rent, vehicles, uniforms, professional or business attire, telephones, communication equipment, postage, office supplies and equipment, training and travel expenses, service contracts, and professional services. At the discretion of the district attorney, the district attorney may consider the reduced or inability of an offender to pay and may pay for services or programs for an offender out of pretrial diversion program funds while the offender is in the pretrial diversion program if special circumstances and justice dictate. The district attorney may require the offender to repay these funds.

(Act 2009-460, p. 802, §11.)