Section 45-7-82.31

Pretrial Diversion Program Fund.

(a) If the offender violates any condition of the pretrial diversion program agreed to in writing by the offender and the district attorney, the district attorney may terminate the participation of the offender in the program and pursue criminal charges against the offender. The offender shall be given written notice of the intent of the district attorney to terminate him or her from the pretrial diversion program, including the reason for the termination. Upon removal from the program, the offender will be deemed to forfeit, for the use of the pretrial diversion program purposes provided for in this subpart, any fees paid for the admission into the pretrial diversion program.

(b) The district attorney may waive a violation for good cause shown why the offender should stay in the pretrial diversion program.

(Act 2009-460, p. 802, §12.)