Section 45-7-83.04

Office space, equipment, personnel.

The Butler County Commission shall furnish suitable quarters or additional space as it deems necessary for the efficient performance of the additional duties of the judge of probate and shall transfer all necessary forms, books, records, and supplies from the offices of the tax assessor and tax collector to the judge of probate as are pertinent to the transference of the duties and shall thereafter provide stationery, forms, and supplies as are furnished pursuant to law by the State Department of Finance, the State Comptroller, and the State Department of Revenue. The county commission shall provide clerks to the judge of probate as it deems necessary for the proper and efficient performance of the duties of the office at the rate of compensation set by the county commission. The compensation of the clerks shall be paid out of the county general fund in the same manner as other county employees are paid.

(Act 2003-197, p. 516, §3.)