Section 5-10A-3

Declaration of banking holidays; promulgation of emergency rules or regulations.

Whenever, in the opinion of the superintendent it shall be deemed that an emergency exists, the superintendent with the concurrence of not less than two other members of the Banking Board, or any three members of the Banking Board without action by said superintendent, shall be authorized to declare and put into effect a bank holiday for such period as he or they may deem necessary or to promulgate or approve such emergency rules or regulations with respect to banking business, practices and transactions within the state or within any community or locality therein as shall, in his or their opinion, be deemed necessary. Such rules and regulations shall continue in force for such period as may be fixed by him or them in promulgating the same and until modified, suspended or terminated as provided in this chapter.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-10-3.)