Section 5-10A-8

Segregation of assets - Manner of segregation generally; distribution of segregated assets upon receivership liquidation of bank.

Whenever pursuant to any provision of state or federal law or of any rule or regulation by any state or federal authority made or adopted pursuant thereto or whenever pursuant to contractual arrangement any bank is under duty or obligation to segregate particular assets for or towards the liquidation or discharge of particular liabilities or specified percentages of particular liabilities, such assets shall be segregated in such manner as to provide for the pro rata application of the proceeds thereof from time to time to the particular liabilities or percentage of particular liabilities for the purpose of which they are segregated without preference or priority of one liability over another and in accordance with the amounts of such particular liabilities as of the date of such segregation. Upon any receivership liquidation of any bank, the particular assets so segregated and any then remaining proceeds of any thereof shall, subject to expenses of liquidation, be distributable pro rata toward the particular liabilities or percentage of particular liabilities on account of which segregated, with proper adjustment for previous payments therefrom.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-10-9.)