Section 5-11A-1.1

Branching of trust companies; branching of out-of-state trust companies; reciprocity; cooperative agreements.

All corporations organized under this chapter shall have the right to establish offices in the same manner as a bank may establish branches under this title. At the discretion of the superintendent, out-of-state trust companies and out-of-state banks may also establish offices in this state in the same manner as out-of-state banks may establish branches in this state provided the superintendent determines that reciprocity exists so that an Alabama bank or trust company could establish a similar office under substantially equivalent requirements in the home state of the out-of-state bank or trust company. The superintendent may enter into cooperative, coordinated, and information-sharing agreements with any other bank supervisory agencies with respect to the establishment, acquisition, periodic examination, or other supervision of any office in this state of an out-of-state bank or trust company or any office of an Alabama state-chartered bank or trust company in any host state, and the superintendent may enter into contracts with any bank supervisory agency that has concurrent jurisdiction over the bank or trust company.

(Act 2007-224, p. 284, §2.)