Section 5-11A-1

Amenability of trust companies to banking laws; use of word "trust" in corporate name generally; operation of trust departments, etc., by banks.

All corporations organized and operating as trust companies shall have the word "trust" as a part of their corporate names, shall be amenable to the general banking laws of the state insofar as said laws are applicable to trust companies and not in conflict with the provisions of this chapter and shall be examined by the superintendent as state banks are examined. The word "trust" need not be a part of the corporate name of any corporation now or hereafter organized under the laws of this state to do a banking business and all such banks, although the word "trust" is not a part of their corporate names, shall have the right to operate and conduct a trust department, become trustees for any purpose, be appointed and act as executors, administrators, guardians and receivers and do any business and exercise any powers incident to the business of trust and banking companies doing banking business after the board of directors of the corporation shall have adopted an appropriate resolution and obtained the written approval of the superintendent authorizing the conduct and operation of a trust department, and a copy of such resolution and written approval certified to by the president and cashier of such bank under the corporate seal of such corporation shall have been filed in the office where the certificate of incorporation of the bank has been filed.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-11-1.)