Section 5-13B-7

Procedures relating to applications.

(a) The superintendent shall decide whether to approve an acquisition under this article within 60 days after receipt of a completed application; provided, that if the superintendent requests additional information from the applicant following receipt of a completed application, the time limit for decision by the superintendent shall be the later of:

(1) The date set forth above in this subsection, or

(2) Thirty days after the superintendent's receipt of the requested additional information.

(b) The superintendent may in his or her discretion hold a public hearing in connection with an application at any time within 20 days after receipt of the completed application if a significant issue of law or fact has been raised with respect to the proposed acquisition.

(c) If the superintendent holds a public hearing in connection with an application, the time limit specified in subsection (a) shall be extended to 30 days after the conclusion of the public hearing.

(d) An application shall be deemed approved if the superintendent takes no action on the application within the time limits specified in this section.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-115, p. 134, §7.)