Section 5-17-41

Administrator - Appointment; vacancy; eligibility.

(a) The Alabama Credit Union Administration shall be in the charge of the administrator who shall be the chief executive officer of the administration.

(b) The administrator shall be a person of good character.

(c) The administrator shall be appointed by the Governor by and with the consent of the Senate. The term of office of the administrator shall expire on the first day of February after the expiration of the term of office of the Governor making the appointment, but the administrator may continue to serve until a successor is appointed and has qualified. If for any reason there should be a vacancy in the office while the Senate is not in session, the Governor shall appoint an administrator and such administrator shall hold office and exercise the powers conferred by law until the Senate meets and passes on the appointment, and if the appointment is disapproved by the Senate another appointment shall be made by the Governor in like manner until an appointment is confirmed by the Senate.

(d) To be eligible for appointment as administrator, a person must have had at least five years' experience in the 10 years next preceding the appointment either as an officer or director of a federal or state credit union or an examiner or other officer in a federal or state credit union supervisory agency or credit union association, or other equivalent experience for at least five years in the 10 years next preceding the appointment.

(e) The Governor shall set the salary of the administrator within a salary range established by the Credit Union Board of the Alabama Credit Union Administration. The salary range shall not exceed the salary range set by the Banking Board for the Superintendent of the State Banking Department.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-457, p. 425, §18; Act 2006-631, p. 1724, §1.)