Section 5-17-6

Withdrawal of members; expulsion for cause; termination of membership; readmission.

(a) Any member may withdraw from the credit union at any time, but notice of withdrawal may be required. All amounts paid on shares or as deposits of an expelled or withdrawing member, with any dividends or interest accredited thereto to the date thereof shall, as funds become available and after deducting all amounts due from the member to the credit union, be paid to the individual. The credit union may require 60 days' notice of intention to withdraw shares and 30 days' notice of intention to withdraw deposits. A credit union may reserve in its bylaws the right to pay out not more than one half of its monthly receipts to withdrawing members and depositors.

(b) The board of directors may expel a member for cause by a majority vote of a quorum of directors, pursuant to a written policy adopted by the board. For the purposes of this section, cause includes a loss to the credit union, a violation of the membership agreement or any policy or procedure adopted by the board, or inappropriate behavior such as physical, sexual, or verbal abuse of credit union members or staff. All members shall be provided written notice of such policies. Any person expelled by the board shall have the right to file a written appeal to the board to reconsider the expulsion.

(c) A credit union may terminate the membership of any member who withdraws his or her shares to less than one par share.

(d) Persons whose membership has been terminated, whether by withdrawal or expulsion, shall have no further rights in the credit union, but are not released from any obligation owed to the credit union.

(e) A member who has been expelled may not be readmitted to membership except upon approval by a majority vote of the board after application and proof that the applicant remains within the credit union's field of membership, has adequately explained, addressed, or remedied the conditions leading to expulsion, and will abide by the terms and conditions of membership. Not more than one such application for readmission may be made within any 12-month calendar period.

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