Section 5-17-60

Confidentiality of conditions and affairs of credit unions; disclosures.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, the administrator, a member of the Credit Union Board, or an examiner or other state employee may not disclose the condition and affairs of any credit union, its supervisory committee, or subsidiaries or other affiliates, ascertained by an examination of such credit union or affiliates, or report or give out nonpublic personal information of credit union members, except as authorized or required by law; provided that this section shall not be construed to prevent examiners and other employees from reporting such information to the administrator or such persons as the administrator may lawfully designate.

(b) Notwithstanding subsection (a), the administrator, at the administrator's discretion, may disclose any information otherwise protected under this section to the members of the Credit Union Board and confer with the members of the Credit Union Board regarding the same and may disclose such information as is and to the extent necessary to the exercise of enforcement authority or the taking of other supervisory actions pursuant to this title.

(c) The administrator may furnish to the National Credit Union Administration, or to any other supervisory agency of the United States, or to a private share insurance carrier presently providing deposit share insurance to the subject credit union, or to other federal or state agencies with which the administrator has entered into an agreement pursuant to subsection (d) of Section 5-17-45, reports of examination and other data as the administrator deems advisable.

(d) No disclosure may be made by any agency or entity furnished with reports of examination or other data pursuant to subsection (c) to any third parties without the prior consent of the administrator. Any disclosure permitted by the administrator shall be subject to such conditions and restrictions as the administrator may require or as otherwise required by this title.

(e) The administrator may also furnish copies of his or her reports of examination and any other information to the board of directors of the credit union, its supervisory committee, subsidiary, or affiliate.

(f) Any reports or information furnished or disclosed under this section shall remain the property of the Alabama Credit Union Administration and, except as provided in this section, may not be disclosed to any person other than the officers, directors, attorneys, and auditors of the credit union, its supervisory committee, subsidiary, affiliate, consultants, or advisors to the credit union or affiliate, and, subject to appropriate confidentiality agreements, persons considering the possible acquisition of, merger with, or investment in the credit union or affiliate. A person receiving such reports or information may not:

(1) Use the report or information other than in connection with the credit union or affiliate, and its business and affairs.

(2) Retain that report or information or copies thereof.

(3) Except as expressly permitted by law, disclose such report or information to any person not authorized to receive the same under this subsection.

(g) All reports of examination, records reflecting action of a credit union, its supervisory committee, subsidiary or affiliate, taken pursuant thereto, and records and minutes of meetings of the Credit Union Board relating to a credit union or several credit unions, supervisory committee, subsidiary, or affiliate, shall be confidential and shall not be subject to subpoena or inspection except by subpoena from a grand jury served on the administrator.

(Act 2016-133, §2.)