Section 5-18A-14

Denial of application; hearing.

(a) If the supervisor determines that an applicant is not qualified to receive a license, the supervisor shall notify the applicant in writing that the application has been denied, stating the basis for denial.

(b) If the supervisor denies an application or if the supervisor fails to act on an application within 90 days after the filing of a properly completed application, the applicant may make a written demand to the supervisor for a hearing as provided in subsection (a) of Section 5-18A-7 before the supervisor on the question of whether the license should be granted.

(c) At the hearing, the burden of proving that the applicant is entitled to a license shall be on the applicant. A decision of the supervisor following any hearing on the denial of a license may be subject to review by the circuit court pursuant to Title 6.

(Act 2003-359, p. 992, §14.)