Section 5-18A-15

Suspension or revocation of license; hearing.

(a) The supervisor may, after notice and hearing, suspend or revoke any license if the supervisor finds that the licensee has knowingly or through lack of due care committed any of the following actions:

(1) Failed to pay the annual license fee imposed by this chapter or an examination fee imposed by the supervisor under the authority of this chapter.

(2) Committed fraud, engaged in a dishonest activity, or made misrepresentations.

(3) Violated a provision of this chapter, an administrative regulation issued pursuant to this chapter, or has violated any other law in the course of its or his or her dealings as a licensee.

(4) Made a false statement in the application for the license or failed to give a true reply to a question in the application.

(5) Demonstrated incompetence or untrustworthiness to act as a licensee.

(6) Entered or caused to be entered or allowed to be entered any false information on any business record of the licensed activity, including, but not limited to, any information in customer agreements and on deferred presentment checks or debit authorizations.

(b) If the reason for revocation or suspension of a license of the licensee at any one location is of general application to all locations operated by a licensee, the supervisor may revoke or suspend all licenses issued to a licensee.

(c) A hearing shall be held on written notice given at least 20 days prior to the date of the hearings.

(Act 2003-359, p. 992, §15.)