Section 5-19-24

Examinations and investigations of licensees by administrator.

(a) For the purpose of determining compliance with this chapter, the administrator may, at any reasonable time, cause an examination to be made at the licensee's place of business of the records and transactions of such licensee. As cost of examination, the licensee shall pay the administrator an examination fee as provided by Section 5-2A-24 which shall be collected and paid into the special fund provided by Section 5-2A-20 and used in the supervision and examination of licensees. Each licensee shall preserve all relevant records for a period of at least two years after making the last entry on any transaction, and the administrator shall have free access thereto at the licensee's place of business at all reasonable times. If the administrator has probable cause to believe that a person has engaged in an activity which violates the provisions of this chapter, the administrator may compel the production of such books and records of the person as he or she has probable cause to believe are relevant to the alleged violation.

(b) If the person's records are located outside this state, the person may either make them available to the administrator at a convenient location within this state, or pay the reasonable and necessary expenses for the administrator or a representative of the administrator to examine them at the place where they are maintained. The administrator may designate representatives, including comparable officials of the state in which the records are located, to inspect them on his or her behalf.

(c) Reports of examinations and investigations, all working papers related thereto and the books and records of licensees, are to be held strictly confidential, and may not be produced, reproduced, or otherwise made available by the State Banking Department to any persons other than those within the State Banking Department and the licensee, and their respective counsel. This subsection does not apply to disclosures in proceedings brought by the administrator pursuant to this chapter.

(d) A licensee's books and records may be maintained, produced, and reproduced for examination by photostatic, photographic, microphotographic, optical imaging, or by any other generally recognized process for data storage and reproduction.

(e) Nothing contained herein shall prohibit discovery of these materials by and through a lawfully issued subpoena from a court of competent jurisdiction.

(Acts 1971, No. 2052, p. 3290, §19; Acts 1996, No. 96-576, p. 887, §2.)