Section 5-19-26

Appeals to circuit court from order of administrator; appeals from decision of circuit court.

(a) Any interested party or intervener may appeal an order of the administrator to the Circuit Court of Montgomery County or to the circuit court of the county in which such party has its principal place of business in Alabama by filing notice of appeal with the administrator and with the register or clerk of the circuit court within 30 days from the date of said final order. The administrator's findings shall be prima facie correct, but the circuit court may hear such appeal according to its own rules and procedure, including the taking of additional testimony and staying the order. In the circuit court, the trial shall be de novo. The court may, if it decides that the Administrator has erred to the prejudice of appellant's substantial rights in its application of the law or that the order was based upon findings of fact contrary to the substantial weight of the evidence, remand the proceeding to the administrator for further action in conformity with the direction of the court or may enter such order as the court deems appropriate.

(b) Either party may appeal from the circuit court to the Supreme Court within 42 days from the date of entry of the order of the circuit court.

(Acts 1971, No. 2052, p. 3290, §21.)