Section 5-19-32

Service contracts.

Any creditor who extends credit with respect to a consumer credit sale, may sell or finance, or both, a service contract covering tangible goods which are the subject of the consumer credit sale. Any other person who was not the creditor with regard to the initial sale of the tangible goods also may sell or finance, or both, a service contract covering the tangible goods. A "service contract" as used in this section is an agreement, for a separately stated consideration, of the service contract offeror to correct, repair, or replace, or to pay for the correction, repair, maintenance, or replacement of tangible goods during the period covered by the service contract, with or without additional provisions for payment of or indemnity under limited circumstances for related expenses including, without limitation, for towing, rental, and emergency road service, whether called a service contract, extended warranty or otherwise. The service contract offeror need not be the seller or creditor. The service contract may be offered, sold, and financed at the time of the credit sale or at any time thereafter, including, without limitation, at or about the time of the expiration of any original warranty or the expiration of the period covered by the service contract. The service contract may, but is not required to, be renewable from time to time as set forth in the service contract. A service contract does not constitute insurance for any purpose, other than for the purpose of a service contract holder's claim against a service contract provider for failure to comply with the provisions of the service contract if so provided by other law.

(Acts 1996, No. 96-576, p. 887, §3.)