Section 5-1A-3

Use of words "bank," "banker," "banking," etc., restricted.

The use of the words "bank," "banker," "banking," or words of similar meaning in any foreign language as a designation or name, or as part of a designation or name, under which business is or may be conducted in the State of Alabama, or in its advertising is restricted to banking corporations organized under the laws of Alabama, other states, the United States, or foreign countries. All other persons, firms, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and other entities are prohibited from using the words "bank," "banker," or "banking" or words of similar meaning in any foreign language in advertising or as a designation or name or as part of a designation or name under which business may be conducted in this state unless the superintendent determines that the use of the word by the entity is unlikely to mislead or confuse the public or give the impression that such entity is lawfully organized and operating as a bank and authorizes the use of the word. Any violation of this prohibition shall subject the party chargeable therewith to a penalty of five hundred dollars ($500) for each day, with a maximum amount of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), during which such violation is committed or repeated. Such penalty may be recovered by the superintendent by an action instituted for that purpose, and, in addition to the penalty, such violation may be enjoined and the injunction enforced as in other cases. If the directors, officers, or those persons performing similar functions as corporate directors or officers of any entity shall knowingly and willfully violate or knowingly and willfully permit any of the officers, agents, employees, or those persons performing similar functions of the entity to violate any of the provisions of this section, each and every such director, officer, or other person engaging in such knowing and willful violation or knowing and willful permission shall be liable in his or her personal and individual capacity for all damages which the entity or any other person shall have sustained in consequence of such violation. This section shall not be applicable to entities regularly engaged in business in this state which on and since July 12, 1949, have lawfully and continuously used such words in their trade or firm name.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-1-3; Act 2007-224, p. 284, §1.)