Section 5-24-22

Payment on multiple-party account.

A financial institution, on request, may pay sums on deposit in a multiple-party account to:

(1) One or more of the parties, whether or not another party is disabled, incapacitated, or deceased when payment is requested and whether or not the party making the request survives another party; or

(2) The personal representative, if any, of a deceased party if proof of death is presented to the financial institution showing that the deceased party was the survivor of all other persons named on the account either as a party or beneficiary, unless the account is without right of survivorship under Section 5-24-12; or

(3) The persons named in Section 5-5A-38, in accordance with the procedures set forth in Sections 5-5A-38 and 5-5A-39.

(Acts 1997, No. 97-644, p. 1177, §1.)