Section 5-25-10

Annual report.

(a) Each licensee shall annually, on or before May 1, file a written report with the department containing that information the department may require concerning the licensee's business and operations during the preceding calendar year, including financial statements.

(b) Reports shall be made under oath and shall be in the form prescribed by the department. Any licensee who fails to prepare and file with the department by May 1 the report required by this section shall pay the department a late penalty of one hundred dollars ($100) for each day after May 1. The department may, in its discretion, relieve any licensee from the payment of any penalty, in whole or in part, if good cause is shown. If a licensee fails to pay a penalty from which it has not been relieved, the department may, through the Attorney General, maintain an action at law to recover the penalty.

(Act 2001-692, p. 1439, §10.)