Section 5-26-17

Prohibited acts and practices.

It is a violation of this chapter for a person or individual subject to this chapter to:

(1) Obtain property by intentional fraud or intentional misrepresentation;

(2) Solicit or enter into a contract with a borrower that provides in substance that the person or individual subject to this chapter may earn a fee or commission through "best efforts" to obtain a loan even though no loan is actually obtained for the borrower;

(3) Conduct any business covered by this chapter without holding a valid license if required under this chapter;

(4) Fail to make disclosures as required by this chapter;

(5) Fail to comply with this chapter or rules or regulations promulgated under this chapter;

(6) Collect, charge, or attempt to collect or charge any fee prohibited by this chapter; or

(7) Fail to account for monies belonging to a party to a residential mortgage loan transaction, as required by law or regulation.

(Act 2009-627, p. 1907, §17.)