Section 5-2A-20

Assessment of banks - When payable; amount; disposition of revenue.

Each bank shall on the call of the superintendent pay to the State Banking Department an assessment fee based on the total resources of the bank as may be shown by its last report to the State Banking Department. The rate of such assessment shall be in an amount fixed by the superintendent and approved by the Banking Board and the assessment may be made more frequently than annually. All assessments and other fees or penalties collected pursuant to this title by the State Banking Department shall be paid into a special fund to be set up by the State Treasurer. The special fund shall be used to pay the salaries of the officials and employees and the expenses of the State Banking Department, including the purchase of equipment, vehicles, and supplies necessary for the examination and supervision of banks, and all moneys deposited therein are hereby appropriated for that purpose. The expenses of all examiners of the State Banking Department shall be paid according to regulations promulgated by the superintendent, and the State Banking Department and its several bureaus and divisions are hereby exempt from the provisions of Sections 36-7-20 and 36-7-22. It is provided, however, that nothing in this section shall be construed to mean that all salaries of the officials and employees and expenses of operating and equipping the State Banking Department shall come from the special fund. No other assessment or license of any kind shall be levied against or collected from any bank or banking institution, except the ordinary taxes assessed against property in general, and except as may be specifically provided for in this code.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-2-3; Act 2007-224, p. 284, §1.)