Section 5-2A-22

Independent audits; minimum standards; advisory committee; report in lieu of audit.

The board of directors of each state bank shall at least once in each calendar year have an audit made of its books and affairs, including any accounts held in a fiduciary capacity, by independent auditors approved by the superintendent. These may be separate audits. "Independent auditors" shall include the audit staff of a correspondent bank or the audit staff of a bank holding company, or auditors or accountants who are not employees of the bank. The superintendent shall by regulation establish minimum standards for audits and reports, which shall include such matters as he shall require. To assist in promulgating minimum standards for audits and reports, the superintendent shall appoint an advisory committee of no less than six members. Membership of the committee shall consist of auditors, as qualified in Chapters 1A through 12A of this title, who regularly perform audits in banks chartered under the laws of Alabama. A majority of the committee shall be comprised of individuals who are certified internal auditors, chartered bank auditors, or certified public accountants. The committee shall meet at the call of the superintendent. The advice of this committee shall not be binding on the superintendent and the members shall serve without compensation. A report of the audit shall be signed by the person making it, and such signed copy shall be submitted to the board of directors and retained in the bank. If any bank has a system of internal audit approved by the Superintendent of Banks, no such independent audit shall be required, and in lieu thereof the auditor or comptroller of the bank shall submit to its board of directors an annual summary of the same matters, which shall be retained in the bank. Such report shall also set forth the degree of compliance with the approved audit system.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-2-17.)