Section 5-2A-62

Supervisory powers of commissioner generally; approvals, etc., by commissioner; permits required of savings and loan associations.

(a) The commissioner shall have general supervision over all associations and corporations which are subject to the provisions of Chapter 16 of this title. He shall enforce the purposes of Chapter 16 of this title by use of the powers therein conferred and by reference to the courts when required.

(b) Every approval by the commissioner given pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 16 of this title and every communication having the effect of an order or instruction to any association shall be in writing, signed by the commissioner under the seal of his office and shall be mailed by registered or certified mail to the association affected thereby, addressed to the president thereof at the home office of the association, and unless the association to which any approval or order is directed is an association having its accounts insured by a federal agency, it shall not be necessary to furnish a copy of such approval or order to any agency nor have any such federal agency concur in any such approval or order.

(c) No savings and loan association shall transact any business, except incident to obtaining corporate existence, until it shall have obtained from the Savings and Loan Commissioner a permit to transact business as a savings and loan association.

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