Section 5-3A-14

Semiannual report by banks - Form; publication; penalty for late report.

Each report required by Section 5-3A-12 shall exhibit in detail and under appropriate head the resources and liabilities of each bank at the close of business on any past day specified by the superintendent, not more than five days prior to the issue of the superintendent's call, which day for report shall be uniform throughout the state and shall be transmitted by the bank to the superintendent within 30 days after the receipt of a request or requisition therefor from him, and the same shall be published once by the bank in a newspaper in the city or town in which the bank is located, at the expense of said bank. If no newspaper is published in the town where the bank is located, publication must be made in a newspaper published in the nearest city. Proof of such publication shall be furnished by the bank to the superintendent in such manner as may be required by him, including the clippings of the report as published in the newspaper.

The superintendent shall prescribe to the bank the form for the published report made by the bank, which form shall contain such items as are deemed necessary by the superintendent to inform the public as to the financial condition of the bank. The superintendent shall see that each bank has published its report in accordance with the form prescribed and shall check such published report, using the newspaper clipping furnished him by the bank, with the sworn report of the bank filed with the superintendent.

If the report is not published by the bank, the superintendent shall, at the expense of the bank, publish the report. Each bank failing to transmit the report to the superintendent within 30 days after the receipt of a request shall pay $100.00 for each day after said 30 days. Said fee may be waived by the superintendent upon a showing of good cause by the party requesting the waiver.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-3-14.)