Section 5-5A-13

Filing fee; other fees.

(a) The Banking Board shall from time to time fix the amount of the fee for filing an application for a new bank, and for:

(1) Establishment of a branch of an existing bank;

(2) Conversion of a national bank to a state bank;

(3) A merger of two or more existing banks;

(4) Establishment and operation of any facility authorized under the provisions of Sections 5-2A-7 and 5-2A-8;

(5) Acquisition of a majority of voting stock of a bank;

(6) Any examination necessitated by the foregoing; and

(7) Other actions that require the approval of the superintendent or the Banking Board.

(b) All such fees shall be paid into the special fund set up by the State Treasurer pursuant to Section 5-2A-20.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-5-13.)