Section 5-5A-30

Transactions of business on legal holidays; use of automated teller machine or other instrumentality, transaction fees, disclosure; limitation on contractual fee restrictions, intent of limitation, applicability.

(a) Any bank may lawfully receive deposits or paychecks or sight drafts and transact any other business on any legal holiday, excepting Sunday, in the same manner and way that it is authorized to do on any legal banking day.

(b) Nothing in this section, nor any other law of this state, shall be construed to prohibit a bank the use of an automated teller machine, or other instrumentality as authorized by Section 5-2A-7 and Section 5-2A-8, 24 hours each day of the week including Sunday, and the use of the machine or other instrumentality by any bank is hereby authorized, provided the machine or other instrumentality and the use thereof is first approved by the appropriate bank regulatory authority, if the approval is required. A bank owning or operating a machine or other instrumentality may charge a transaction fee to the person using the machine or other instrumentality. The transaction fee shall be disclosed: (i) on a sign posted on the machine or other instrumentality or at a location in view of a person while viewing the machine or other instrumentality; or (ii) electronically during the course of the transaction in a manner that permits a person to cancel the transaction without incurring the transaction fee.

(c) No contract with a bank organized under the laws of this state or a national bank located in this state permitting the use of any automated teller machine or other instrumentality owned or operated by a bank by customers of any other financial institution shall prohibit, limit, or restrict the right of the bank to charge any fees not prohibited to the bank by law or require a bank to limit or waive its rights under this chapter.

(d) The amendments to subsection (b) made by Acts 1994, No. 94-104 shall be cumulative with, declare, and clarify existing law. The transaction fee shall be in addition to any fees and charges to which a bank and its customer may agree from time to time with regard to the use of any automated teller machine or other instrumentality.

(e) Subsection (c) shall apply to all contracts permitting the use of automated teller machines or other instrumentalities by customers of another financial institution irrespective of whether the contract was entered into before or after February 18, 1994.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, p. 1259, §5-5-30; Acts 1994, No. 94-104, p. 114, §1.)