Section 5-5A-6

Procedure for incorporation - Certificate of Superintendent of Banks authorizing filing of certificate of incorporation.

If the superintendent shall be satisfied from his investigation that the character and general fitness of the persons named as stockholders and executive officers are such as to command the confidence of the community in which such bank is proposed to be located and that there is sufficient business to support said bank in said community and that the convenience and needs of said community shall be served, he shall pass upon the sufficiency of the certificate of incorporation; and, if he approves the certificate he shall issue under his hand and official seal a certificate authorizing the proper official or officials to file the certificate of incorporation upon proof of payment of subscription to the capital subscribed for as required by law. The superintendent shall transmit the proposed certificate of incorporation, together with said certificate made by him to the official or officials with which a certificate of incorporation would be filed under the business corporation laws of this state, and the superintendent shall keep on file in his office a duplicate of the certificates made by him.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-5-6.)