Section 5-7A-43

Continuation of identity, obligations, etc., of state bank.

Upon such conversion, merger or consolidation becoming effective, the national bank shall be deemed to be a continuation of the entity and of the identity of the state bank and all the rights, obligations and relations of the state bank to or in respect to any person, estate, creditor, depositor, trustee or beneficiary of any trust and in, or in respect to, any executorship or trusteeship or other trust or fiduciary function shall remain unimpaired. The national bank, as of the time of the taking effect of such conversion, merger or consolidation shall succeed to all such rights, obligations, relations and trusts and the duties and liabilities connected therewith and shall execute and perform each and every such trust or relation in the same manner as if the national bank had itself assumed the trust or relation, including the obligations and liabilities connected therewith. If the state bank is acting as administrator, co-administrator, executor, co-executor, trustee or co-trustee of or in respect to any estate or trust being administered under the laws of this state, such relation, as well as any other or similar fiduciary relations, and all rights, privileges, duties and obligations connected therewith shall remain unimpaired and shall continue into and in said national bank from and as of the time of the taking effect of such conversion, merger or consolidation, irrespective of the date when any such relation may have been created or established and irrespective of the date of any trust agreement relating thereto or the date of the death of any testator or decedent whose estate is being so administered. Nothing done in connection with the conversion to or merger or consolidation of a state bank with a national bank, shall, in respect to any such executorship, trusteeship or similar fiduciary relation, be deemed to be or to effect, under the laws of this state, a renunciation or revocation of any letters of administration or letters testamentary pertaining to such relation, nor a removal or resignation from any such executorship or trusteeship or other fiduciary relationship, nor shall the same be deemed to be of the same effect as if the executor or trustee or other fiduciary had died or otherwise become incompetent to act.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, p. 1259, §5-7-43; Acts 1981, No. 81-504, p. 863, §1.)