Section 5-8A-35

Assumption or rejection of executory contracts by receiver.

The receiver shall assume or reject an executory contract, including an unexpired lease of real or personal property, within 60 days after appointment, but the receivership court may for cause shown extend or reduce the time. Any such contract or lease not assumed or rejected within that time shall be deemed to be rejected. The receiver shall file within 60 days of his appointment, a statement under oath showing which, if any, of the contracts of the bank are executory in whole or in part, including unexpired leases of real or personal property, and which, if any, have been rejected by the receiver. Unless a lease of real or personal property expressly otherwise provides, a rejection of the lease or of any covenant therein by the receiver of the lessor does not deprive the lessee of his estate. A general covenant or condition in a lease that it shall not be assigned shall not be construed to prevent the receiver from assuming the same at his election and subsequently assigning the same; but an express covenant that an assignment by operation of law or the liquidation of a specified party thereto, or of either party shall terminate the lease or give the other party an election to terminate the same is enforceable. A receiver who elects to assume a contract or lease of the bank and who subsequently with approval of the receivership court and upon such terms and conditions as the receivership court may fix after hearing upon notice to the other party to the contract or lease, assigns such contract or lease to a third person, is not liable for breaches occurring after the assignment.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-658, §5-8-35.)