Section 6-10-20

Declaration of claimed exemptions - Making and filing.

Any resident of this state entitled to, and desiring to, claim a homestead or other exemption from levy and sale under execution or other process may, at any time, make and file in the office of the probate judge of the county in which the property is situated, if a homestead, or, if personal property, of the county in which such resident resides, a declaration in writing, subscribed and sworn to by him or her, describing the property selected and claimed by him or her as exempt, item by item, in case of personal property, with its value. Other declarations may, from time to time, as occasion may require, be made and filed.

(Code 1876, §2828; Code 1886, §2515; Code 1896, §2041; Code 1907, §4168; Code 1923, §7890; Code 1940, T. 7, §633.)