Section 6-10-25

Declaration of claimed exemptions - Contesting of claims.

A plaintiff, in person or by his or her agent or attorney, may contest a claim of exemption after a declaration thereof has been filed by making and filing with the officer holding the process an affidavit that, in his belief, either the claim is invalid entirely or it is invalid in part or is excessive, specifying wherein such invalidity or excess consists, and if excessive, also specifying the property alleged to be in excess, to be, in all cases, the last named in the claim. If the claim is of personal property, he or she must also deliver to the officer a bond in double the value of the property sought to be levied on, with sureties to be approved by the officer, payable to the defendant claiming the exemption and conditioned that if the plaintiff fails in the contest, he or she will pay the defendant all such costs and damages as he or she may sustain by reason of the wrongful institution of the contest. Thereupon, the officer shall proceed to make a levy and, within three days thereafter, shall notify the defendant in writing of the same.

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