Section 6-10-29

Contest of exemption claim - Filing of inventory by defendant; effect of failure to file.

On any contest of a claim of exemption to personal property, on the plaintiff's written demand, made at any time, the defendant claiming the exemption shall, within 10 days, file a full and complete inventory, duly verified by oath, of all his or her personal property, except the wearing apparel, portraits, pictures, and books specifically exempted from levy and sale, with the value and location of each item of such property, of all money belonging to him or her, whether in his or her possession or held by others for him or her, and of all debts and choses in action belonging to him or her or in which he or she is beneficially interested, with the value of each of them. If such inventory is not filed within the time prescribed, the plaintiff shall not be required to tender an issue on the claim, but the court must enter judgment by default against the defendant, unless good and sufficient cause is shown to the contrary.

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