Section 6-10-30

Contest of exemption claim - Trial of issues.

The contest of any claim of exemptions shall be a preferred case, and after the return of the process, if both parties appear, an issue or issues shall be formed under the direction of the court as to whether the property in contest, or any and what part of it, is exempt as claimed. Such issue or issues shall be tried as other cases are tried. In all cases, the party in whose favor the levy was made shall be deemed the plaintiff, upon whom shall rest the burden of proof, and both parties shall be entitled to the same right of objection, exception, and of appeal as in other cases.

(Code 1876, §2838; Code 1886, §2526; Code 1896, §2052; Code 1907, §4179; Code 1923, §7901; Code 1940, T. 7, §644.)