Section 6-10-84

Proceedings on failure of appraisers to set apart exemptions or to appraise homestead.

If, for more than 20 days after the grant of administration, the appraisers should fail to set apart the personal property exempt in favor of the surviving spouse and minor child or children, or either, or to appraise the homestead or to make the report in reference to the homestead required in Section 6-10-82, then, upon the written application of the surviving spouse or of the guardian of the minor child or children, the probate court shall appoint three commissioners who shall, as soon as practicable thereafter not exceeding 30 days, set apart the personal property exempt and appraise the homestead in the manner required of the appraisers; and, if practicable, they shall also allot and set off the homestead exemption in the manner provided in Section 6-10-83. Within 10 days thereafter they shall report to the court in writing the personal property set apart, with the value of each item thereof, and the homestead allotted and set off, with a full and accurate description of the same. If the homestead, after being reduced to its lowest practicable area, still exceeds $6,000 in value, thereby rendering it impracticable to allot and set it off, the commissioners shall report that fact.

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