Section 6-10-98

Reduced homestead incapable of allotment - Sale - Purchase by persons entitled to homestead exemption.

When the purchase of such homestead is by or on behalf of the persons entitled to the homestead exemptions, the sum of $6,000 need not be actually paid to the representative, but, if the sale is confirmed, may be credited on the bid; and on the payment of the residue of such bid, a proper conveyance must be made to them as such purchasers, vesting the title in the persons entitled to the exemption, share and share alike, and be held and governed by Section 6-10-60.

(Code 1896, §2094; Code 1907, §4221; Code 1923, §7945; Code 1940, T. 7, §691; Acts 1951, No. 911, p. 1558, §1.)