Section 6-2-34

Commencement of actions - Six years.

The following must be commenced within six years:

(1) Actions for any trespass to person or liberty, such as false imprisonment or assault and battery;

(2) Actions for any trespass to real or personal property;

(3) Actions for the detention or conversion of personal property;

(4) Actions founded on promises in writing not under seal;

(5) Actions for the recovery of money upon a loan, upon a stated or liquidated account or for arrears of rent due upon a parol demise;

(6) Actions for the use and occupation of land;

(7) Motions and other actions against the sureties of any sheriff, coroner, constable, or any public officer and actions against the sureties of executors, administrators, or guardians for any nonfeasance, misfeasance, or malfeasance, whatsoever, of their principal, the time to be computed from the act done or omitted by their principal which fixes the liability of the surety;

(8) Motions and other actions against attorneys-at-law for failure to pay over money of their clients or for neglect or omission of duty; and

(9) Actions upon any simple contract or speciality not specifically enumerated in this section.

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