Section 6-3-8

Venue of actions - Breach of official bond.

(a) At the election of the Attorney General, all actions of summary proceedings by or for the use of the state founded on breach of the official bond of a state officer or a former state officer, of a tax collector or former tax collector, of a judge of probate or former judge of probate, of a tax assessor or former tax assessor, or clerk of the circuit court or former clerk of the circuit court may be commenced in the circuit court of Montgomery County or in a court of the county in which any one of the obligors in such bond may reside.

(b) An action on the official bond executed by a sheriff or any deputy sheriff may be commenced only in the county of residence of the principal or in the county in which he resided at the time of the execution of the same; provided, that if the act complained of was committed in some county other than the county in which he resided, then such action may be commenced in the county where such act was committed.

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