Section 6-5-147

Closing place pending final decision - Order.

(a) If on the hearing for a preliminary injunction it shall appear that the person owning, in control, or in charge of the nuisance so enjoined has received five days' notice of the hearing, then, unless such person shall show to the satisfaction of the court or judge that the nuisance complained of has been abated, the court or judge shall issue an order closing the place against its use for any purpose until final decision shall be entered on the application for a permanent injunction.

(b) Such order shall also continue in effect for such further period the temporary restraining order provided in Section 6-5-145 if already issued or, if not issued, shall include such an order restraining for such period the removal or interference with the personal property and contents located thereat or therein as provided, and such restraining order shall be served and the inventory of such property shall be made and filed as provided in such section.

(Acts 1919, No. 53, p. 52; Code 1923, §9290; Code 1940, T. 7, §1101.)