Section 6-5-251

Delivery of possession to purchaser on demand.

(a) The possession of the land must be delivered to the purchaser or purchaser's transferees by the debtor or mortgagor if in their possession or in the possession of anyone holding under them by privity of title, within 10 days after written demand for the possession has been made by, or on behalf of, the purchasers or purchaser's transferees.

(b) If the land is in the possession of a tenant, written notice must be given to the debtor or mortgagor, and the debtor or mortgagor must direct the tenant to deliver possession or recognize the purchaser as his or her landlord in the event the lease antedates the mortgage, judgment, or levy. If the debtor or mortgagor cannot be found, notice to the tenant is sufficient and he must deliver possession within 10 days.

(c) Failure of the debtor or mortgagor or anyone holding possession under him or her to comply with the provisions of this section forfeits the right of redemption of the debtor or one holding possession under the debtor.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-441, p. 647, §5.)