Section 6-5-253

Payment or tender of purchase money and other lawful charges, with interest.

(a) Anyone entitled and desiring to redeem real estate under the provisions of this article must also pay or tender to the purchaser or his or her transferee the purchase price paid at the sale, with interest at the rate allowed to be charged on money judgments as set forth in Section 8-8-10 (as it is now or hereinafter may be amended), and all other lawful charges, also with interest as aforesaid; lawful charges are the following:

(1) Permanent improvements as prescribed herein.

(2) Taxes paid or assessed.

(3) All insurance premiums paid or owed by the purchaser.

(4) Any other valid lien or encumbrance paid or owned by such purchaser or his or her transferee or if the redeeming party is a judgment creditor or junior mortgagee or any transferee thereof, then all recorded judgments, recorded mortgages, and recorded liens having a higher priority in existence at the time of sale which are revived under Section 6-5-248(c).

If the redemption is made from a person who at the time of redemption owned the debt for which the property was sold, the redemptioner must also pay any balance due on the debt, with interest as aforesaid thereon to date.

(5) Mortgagees of the purchaser, or their transferees, are considered transferees of the purchaser, and a party redeeming must pay all mortgages made by the purchaser or his or her transferee on the land to the extent of the purchase price.

If the purchaser's mortgages do not exceed the amount of the purchase price, the balance must be paid to the purchaser.

(b) If the redeeming party is the debtor, mortgagor, their respective spouses, children, heirs, or devisees then, unless otherwise provided herein, the judgments, mortgages, and liens revived pursuant to 6-5-248(d) are not lawful charges as defined in subsection (a).

(c) The purchaser shall be entitled to all rents paid or accrued including oil and gas or mineral agreement rentals to the date of the redemption, and the rents must be prorated to such date. The purchaser or his or her transferee and his or her tenants shall have the right to harvest and gather the crops grown by them on the place for the year in which the redemption is made, but must pay a reasonable rent for the lands for the proportion of the current year to which such redemptioner may be entitled.

(d) Any one entitled and desiring to redeem shall be granted a credit as against the amount of money required to be paid for redemption as follows:

(1) For all timber cut or sold on the land by the purchaser or his or her transferees, during the statutory period of redemption.

(2) For any oil and gas, minerals (including coal bed gas), sand, and gravel, taken from the land or sold, and for advanced royalties or bonuses received by the purchaser or his or her transferees, during the statutory period of redemption.

(3) To the extent the value of the property is diminished when any structures or buildings are changed, removed, demolished, or destroyed by the purchaser or his or her transferees during the statutory period of redemption.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-441, p. 647, §7; Acts 1989, No. 89-525, p. 1074, §1.)