Section 6-5-486

Optional method of payment of judgments in excess of $100,000.

Where a plaintiff recovers a judgment from a physician, dentist, or medical institution, as defined in Section 6-5-481, in an action for medical liability, and such judgment is in excess of $100,000, the court, in its discretion, may order that:

(1) There shall be deducted from the award, and paid to the plaintiff, an amount sufficient to cover his out-of-pocket expenses as well as his attorney's fee.

(2) The remainder of the award shall be paid to the plaintiff in monthly installments in an amount calculated to provide the plaintiff a lifetime income.

(3) If the plaintiff should die before payment of all of said award, the same income shall be paid to the beneficiary of the plaintiff for the remainder of the payments due.

(4) The defendant file a surety bond with the court in an amount equal to the award remaining after the expenses referred to in subdivision (1) of this section have been deducted.

(Acts 1975, No. 513, p. 148, §10.)