Section 6-5-500

Intent of Legislature; legislative findings.

It is the intent of the Legislature that a comprehensive system consisting of the time for commencement of actions, for discoverability of actions based upon insidious disease and the repose of actions shall be instituted in this state. The Legislature finds that in order to assure the rights of all persons, and to provide for the fair, orderly, and efficient administration of product liability actions in the courts of this state, a complete and unified approach to the time in which product liability actions may be brought and maintained is required. The Legislature finds that product liability actions and litigation have increased substantially, and the cost of such litigation has risen in recent years. The Legislature further finds that these increases are having an impact upon consumer prices, and upon the availability, cost, and use of product liability insurance, thus, affecting the availability of compensation for injured consumers. Therefore, it is the intent of the Legislature to provide a comprehensive time framework for the commencement and maintenance of all product liability actions brought in this state.

(Acts 1979, No. 79-468, p. 855, §1.)