Section 6-5-642

Appeal of certification order.

A court's order certifying a class or refusing to certify a class action shall be appealable in the same manner as a final order to the appellate court which would otherwise have jurisdiction over the appeal from a final order in the action. Such appeal may only be filed within 42 days of the order certifying or refusing to certify the class. The filing of such appeal, the failure to file an appeal, or the affirmance of the certification or denial order shall in no way affect the right of any party, after the entry of final judgement, to appeal the earlier certification of, or refusal to certify, the class. If the appeal is not the first appeal taken by the party, the subsequent appeal shall be based upon the record at the time of final judgment and shall be considered by the court only to the extent that either the facts or controlling law relevant to certification have changed from that which existed or controlled at the time of the earlier certification or refusal to certify. During the pendency of any such appeal, the action in the trial court shall be stayed in all respects. Following adjudication on appeal (or, if the initial appeal is to an intermediate appellate court, adjudication of the action on any writ of certiorari granted by the Supreme Court of Alabama), if the class is not to be certified, the stay in the trial court shall automatically dissolve and the trial court may proceed to adjudicate any remaining individual claims or defenses. If, after such appeal or procedure on writ of certiorari, the class is to be certified, the stay shall likewise dissolve and the trial court shall proceed with adjudication on the merits, except that the trial court shall at all times prior to entry of a final order retain jurisdiction to revisit the certification issues upon motion of a party and to order decertification of the class if during the litigation of the case it shall become evident to the court that the action is no longer reasonably maintainable as a class action pursuant to the factors enumerated in Ala.R.Civ.P. 23(b).

(Act 99-250, p. 329, §3.)