Section 6-5-681

Applicability of limitations.

(a) The limitations in Section 6-5-682 apply to a corporation that is a successor and became a successor before January 1, 1972, or is any of that successor corporation's successors.

(b) The limitations in Section 6-5-682 do not apply to:

(1) Workers' compensation benefits paid by or on behalf of an employer to an employee under the laws of this state or a comparable workers' compensation law of another jurisdiction.

(2) Any claim against a corporation that does not constitute a successor asbestos-related liability.

(3) An insurer, as defined in Section 27-1-2.

(4) Any obligations under the National Labor Relations Act, as amended, or under any collective bargaining agreement.

(5) A successor that, after a merger or consolidation, continued in the business of mining asbestos; in the business of selling or distributing asbestos fibers; or in the business of manufacturing, distributing, removing, or installing asbestos-containing products that were the same or substantially the same as those products previously manufactured, distributed, removed, or installed by the transferor.

(Act 2011-545, p. 1001, §2.)