Section 6-5-733

Claims arising from weight gain, obesity, associated health conditions, or long-term consumption of food - Permitted civil actions.

Section 6-5-732 shall not preclude a civil action in which the claim of weight gain, obesity, health condition associated with weight gain or obesity, or other generally known condition allegedly caused by or allegedly likely to result from long-term consumption of food (1) includes as an element of the cause of action a material violation of an adulteration or misbranding requirement prescribed by statute or rule of this state or the United States of America, and the claimed injury was proximately caused by such violation; or (2) is based on any other material violation of federal or state law applicable to the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, advertising, labeling, or sale of food, provided that such violation is knowing and willful, and the claimed injury was proximately caused by such violation.

(Act 2012-556, p. 1636, §4.)