Section 6-6-143

Construction of attachment law; amendments; dismissal.

The attachment law must be liberally construed to advance the manifest intent of the law; the plaintiff, before or during the trial, must be permitted to amend any defect of form or of substance in the affidavit, bond or attachment; and no attachment must be dismissed for any defect in the affidavit if the plaintiff, his agent, or attorney will make a sufficient affidavit or, for any defect in the bond or for want of a bond, if the plaintiff, his agent or attorney is willing to give or substitute a sufficient bond.

(Code 1852, §2562; Code 1867, §2990; Code 1876, §3315; Code 1886, §2998; Code 1896, §564; Code 1907, §2965; Code 1923, §6213; Code 1940, T. 7, §886.)