Section 6-6-149

Action by defendant - Venue for actions on injunction bond or attachment bond in cases of injunction or bankruptcy.

The defendant in any action commenced by attachment, in any action in which an injunction against him is issued, or in any proceeding against him as a bankrupt, may commence an action on the attachment bond or injunction bond, as the case may be, against the plaintiffs as for malicious prosecution, and upon the bond of the petitioning creditors, against the petitioning creditors as for a malicious prosecution, in the county where the writ is levied; and in case of bankruptcy, in the county where the goods, property, and effects were seized and located; or such actions may be commenced in the county where the plaintiff in attachment resides or any of the sureties reside; and, in cases of bankruptcy, where the petitioning creditors or anyone of them reside; and, in the cases of injunction, where the plaintiff or any surety on his bond resides.

(Code 1896, §566; Code 1907, §2967; Acts 1915, No. 763, p. 880; Code 1923, §6215; Code 1940, T. 7, §888.)