Section 6-6-294

Retention of possession for one year by defendant if crop planted or growing upon filing bond; force and effect of bond.

(a) If the defendant has a crop planted or growing on the premises and the court or jury finds for the plaintiff, they must also ascertain the rental value of the premises during the current year, and no writ of possession can be issued until the expiration of the year if the defendant executes a bond in double the amount of such rent payable to the plaintiff, with surety approved by the clerk, conditioned to pay the rent so assessed at the expiration of the year.

(b) The bond must be filed in the office of the clerk and, if the rent is not paid at the expiration of the year, has the force and effect of a judgment; and thereon, execution for the amount of the rent must issue against all the obligors or such of them as may be living.

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