Section 6-6-453

Payment of indebtedness or liability to clerk; effect thereof; ordering of deposit by court.

(a) When the garnishee admits indebtedness or liability to the defendant and the defendant has not executed bond for the dissolution of the garnishment, as provided in Division 4 of this article, the garnishee may, by order of the court first had and obtained, pay the amount of such indebtedness or liability or so much thereof as the court may direct into the hands of the clerk, to be held subject to the judgment in the case. Such payment has the effect to discharge the garnishee from liability for the amount so paid and interest subsequently accruing thereon, but does not prevent the interposition and trial of collateral issues as provided in Division 6 of this article.

(b) The court may, in its discretion, direct the clerk to deposit, pending the action, the money at interest in a bank authorized to receive deposits of public funds.

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